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Steam Press Troubleshooting Guide Steam Press Troubleshooting Guide - FAQ

  1. No steam from my ironing press

    Water level too low - Fill water tank.
    Controls have not been set correctly - Turn temperature control dial to steam setting.
    Turn Steam dial to more steam.

  2. Press does not heat up

    Press not plugged into outlet - Connect and check fuse.
    Temperature has not been selected - Turn temperature dial to appropriate setting.

  3. Thread looping, causing bunching under fabric while sewing

    Incorrect or NO top thread tension - Incorrectly threaded

    Re thread - threading machine with presser foot lifted allows thread to locate the correct thread tension route.

    Thread has not been pulled into thread tension unit- re thread, make sure thread is kept taut whilst threading.

  4. Garment has wrinkles after pressing

    Temperature setting too hot for fabric - reduce temperature.
    Pressing plate left down too long - reduce the time the pressing plate is in contact with the fabric or that type.

  5. Stopped working while pressing

    Automatic safety shutoff, pressing plate has been lowered against ironing board for 30+ seconds without being raised - Reset press, turn power off then back on. 

  6. Singer ESP2 beeps and will not heat up.

    The Singer ESP2 has a built in auto shut off and auto wake up function. If the pressing plate is left in the closed position for more than 10 seconds then power to the heating plate is cut off and is signalled by a continuous beeping sound. Function of the heating plate can be restored by raising it again.

    Quite often a customer will receive a new machine and turn it on without raising the pressing plate and the beeping alarm will sound. The customer will then believe the machine is faulty.

    Also if the pressing plate is left in the raised position with the power turned on for more than 15 minutes then again the alarm will sound and power will be cut off. Again this can lead the customer to believe the machine has developed a fault.

  7. How to clean steam press pressing plate

    If the pressing plate becomes contaminated with fabric marks ? Clean plate with a standard iron cleaning stick, however be careful not to block the steam holes.

  8. Heating up then stopped working

    Automatic shutoff, press has not been used for 15 minutes of more - Reset press switch off the power and back on, wait till the press heats to correct temperature before pressing.

  9. Heat discolouration on pressing plate

    Discolouring, heat marks on pressing plate - this is normal and wont effect the performance of the press.

  10. Can not open steam press

    Locking knob is in locked position - turn locking knob to open.
    Locking lever stiff - Slightly move the handle up and down whilst turning the locking lever.

  11. Marks on the pressing plate

    If marks appear on the pressing plate usually towards the back - the pressing plate has been left down on the fabric too long.
    Temperature setting too high for type of material - reduce temperature setting.
    Use the temperature settings as a guide or starting point - Optimal temperature depends on fabric thickness and the amount of time the heating plate is in contact with the fabric.

  12. Pressing handle will not move to auto pressing position

    Item on pressing plate is too thick - Use a lighter pressure on thicker items.
    Too many layers of fabric being pressed - Unfold and press less layers of fabric.

  13. How to remove top cover on CSP1 Steam Press to get to the water tank

    How to remove top cover on CSP1 Steam Press to get to the water tank

    1. To take the top cover off, there are two screws that need to be removed, they hold the top plastic from underneath.

    2. The steam adjustment knob pulls off and it's best to have the press in the locked closed position.

    3. Then the top cover can be removed. It will pull off but there is double sided sticky tape around the tank (no problem). I normally slide a flat screw driver along the side edge between the metal bed and the top plastic cover too and pop the lugs, then lift the cover off.

    After removing the top cover its easy to replace the water tank

    First remove the top plastic cover
    From there, the water tank can easily be removed or replaced by removing the three screws.

  14. Base cover is turning brown

    Pressing plate has been left down too long - Renew base cover and foam.
    The steam press cover is worn out and needs replacing.

  15. Garment still has creases after pressing

    Temperature not hot enough for fabric - Turn the temperature to a higher setting.
    Pressing plate not left down long enough - Leave the pressing plate down a little longer.

    Use pressing cushions in areas on garment to prevent setting a crease e.g shoulder seams, darts, trouser tops.

  16. Water dripping from top pressing plate

    Temperature control dial has not been set correctly - Turn temperature control to steam setting.

    Pressing plate has not reached steam temperature setting - wait for indicator light to show it is ready to use.

    Too much steam, dial set to high - Reset steam setting to a lower steam level.

  17. Looks like bubbles on underside of base

    Small bumps appearing on the white plastic covering under the base - As the heat dissipates through the base, small bumps may occur. This will not affect the pressing performance of a press.

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