Sewing Machine Reviews

Whats the best sewing machine to buy..? Which Singer sewing machine is the most reliable and best value..?

Most sewing machine reviews and buyers guides focus on number of stitches, which automatic patterns it has etc. But the most important decision when buying a sewing machine is will what brand to buy ?

This decision alone determines the quality of the sewing machine you will get, how long it is likely to last, its reliability and how easy it will be to buy parts and to get it repaired in the future. We all know of Singer's worldwide reputation for sewing machines that last, just look at all the old black and gold heavyweight machines of the past. Many of these 50, 60 and 70 year old Singer sewing machines we are still get parts for. remarkable..!

Now that you have selected a world leading sewing machine manufacturer, Singer. Only then should you start to investigate specific features. Use these consumer reviews, ratings to help make this most important decision. Find advice from real customer who have used our sewing machines, overlockers and steam presses and have left their comments, which in turn will help you choose the best model for your needs.

Later when you are ready, maybe call back and add your own feedback to help others in their future decision in choosing a sewing machine. Reviews and ratings can be added at the product details page after clicking the review tab. You may also be interested in steam press reviews or what our customers say about the service we provide.

Singer Sewing Machine Reviews
  • Review by Lizziejane C


    I am delighted with this sewing machine. I haven’t had one for so many years. It is very easy to thread and use. It is very light and manageable, a good machine and a good price.

    Location: Suffolk

    Posted on 28th of May 2020

  • Review by Julie E


    This machine is GREAT. It is very easy to use, sews multiple layers of material and is very compact. It is perfect for my Upcycling ventures. I have yet to try all the features but I am looking forward to the 'self threading', I am hoping it will make me a cup of tea soon, but I can't find that in the manual!

    Location: Guernsey CI

    Posted on 25th of May 2020

  • Review by Rachael F


    Great machine, just what I needed to start sewing again. Recommended by friends and family.

    Location: Kent

    Posted on 19th of May 2020

  • Review by Louise H


    Excellent hardly does justice to describe your service and my new Singer Confidence 7463, delivered earlier today (Wednesday) to the West of Ireland after ordering Saturday afternoon. The machine does everything I could want and the automatic needle threader is a revelation - eyesight not what it was after nearly 50 years of sewing.

    Location: Yorkshire

    Posted on 15th of May 2020

  • Review by Susanne Z


    So far, I am absolutely pleased! Bought this as a replacement for another Singer. It's the first time I have a machine with rotary (vs oscillating) hook, but I think I'll stick with that! Sturdy, easy to use, no frills - excellent machine! The only thing I miss (a little bit) is the threader...

    Location: Liverpool

    Posted on 8th of May 2020

  • Review by Sarah


    A proper, no-frills workhorse. I am so pleased with this machine, and with the service I had from the company. My 40yr old Singer 6136 was really struggling with thicker fabrics and multiple layers, but the HD4411 just purrs through them. I'm really enjoying using it, and would thoroughly recommend this model to anyone.

    Location: South Wales

    Posted on 22nd of April 2020

  • Review by Becca


    An excellent machine for a beginner. Good quality, sturdy and smart. Simple with enough functions to make it interesting.

    Location: London

    Posted on 16th of April 2020

  • Review by Gary M


    Good little machine, does all we need, much easier than hauling out very heavy 60's singer we had before.

    Location: inverness

    Posted on 11th of April 2020

  • Review by Gill Y


    Delighted with the delivery time, especially as this was during the early days of the Covid-19 lockdown! I am completely new to sewing but am slowly getting familiar with my new Singer 4423 and am happy so far, sew good!

    Location: Glasgow

    Posted on 9th of April 2020

  • Review by Toni M


    I am so pleased I purchased my heavy duty machine. It is easy to use and I can do button holes in in one go!

    Location: East Anglia

    Posted on 8th of April 2020

  • Review by Karen S


    Bought this during the lockdown and it’s wonderful. I’m not an experienced sewer but have found this machine easy to use and understand.

    Location: Essex

    Posted on 7th of April 2020

  • Review by E P


    I'm pretty disappointed after my first afternoon with this. Wanted something a bit more sophisticated than my basic Brother and at twice the price expected to be impressed. Learnt to sew on a singer so confident on them, and found the tension and stitch width options useful. Other than that this is a simple machine for which even the basics seem to be a challenge for it. Winding the bobbin ended up 3 times out of 4 with a bunched up, unusable mess of cotton. Inserting the bobbin is ridiculously complex, and I'm surprised that a vertical drop with a clear view of the bobbin during use isn't standard. I lost count of the number of times that thread came loose from the upper thread guide and got caught in the thread lever- at least I've worked out how to salvage this. The automatic needle threader is as fiddly as just doing it yourself!

    Location: London

    Posted on 4th of April 2020

  • Review by Ben T


    Impressed with speed of service, and very happy with purchase and delivery. Does everything needed.

    Location: London

    Posted on 31st of March 2020

  • Review by Aussie babe


    Brilliant machine. I cannot sew but this is a very simple machine to operate n during lockdown is keeping us productive

    Location: Leics

    Posted on 31st of March 2020

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