Sewing Machine Reviews

Whats the best sewing machine to buy..? Which Singer sewing machine is the most reliable and best value..?

Most sewing machine reviews and buyers guides focus on number of stitches, which automatic patterns it has etc. But the most important decision when buying a sewing machine is will what brand to buy ?

This decision alone determines the quality of the sewing machine you will get, how long it is likely to last, its reliability and how easy it will be to buy parts and to get it repaired in the future. We all know of Singer's worldwide reputation for sewing machines that last, just look at all the old black and gold heavyweight machines of the past. Many of these 50, 60 and 70 year old Singer sewing machines we are still get parts for. remarkable..!

Now that you have selected a world leading sewing machine manufacturer, Singer. Only then should you start to investigate specific features. Use these consumer reviews, ratings to help make this most important decision. Find advice from real customer who have used our sewing machines, overlockers and steam presses and have left their comments, which in turn will help you choose the best model for your needs.

Later when you are ready, maybe call back and add your own feedback to help others in their future decision in choosing a sewing machine. Reviews and ratings can be added at the product details page after clicking the review tab. You may also be interested in steam press reviews or what our customers say about the service we provide.

Singer Sewing Machine Reviews
  • Review by Paula B


    Fantastic service from this retailer in Whitley Bay. Ordered in the afternoon and it was delivered the next afternoon. A couple of phone calls made in deciding which machine and I was answered straight away. Machine is so easy to use. Really good quality. I would say don't shop anywhere else.

    Location: Hull

    Posted on 12th of April 2021

  • Review by Beatrice


    Very pleased overall! Great service and next day delivery. The singer overlocker is my absolute baby and runs so smoothly. Relatively easy to thread, there are always videos online of how to do so anyway. But definitely do read the instructions.

    Location: Surrey

    Posted on 12th of April 2021

  • Review by Shazza K


    What a little beauty this machine is. I’m really getting to know all of its capabilities. It’s smooth, versatile and with the help of a few you tube clips - quite easy to get to grips with. I’ve sewn different fabrics and all have an excellent outcome. I’m experimenting with the embroidery patterns which I will definitely be using to personalise my finished items. I personally would definitely recommend due to its reasonable price and many different programmes.

    Location: Worcestershire

    Posted on 8th of April 2021

  • Review by Lindyloo


    Amazing fast delivery! Works like a dream compared to my old machine. My husband likes it too!

    Location: Worthing

    Posted on 2nd of April 2021

  • Review by Karen P


    A brilliant little machine. Hard working and so quiet. Much quieter than my previous machine (not a Singer). It has all the oomph needed to sew through thick layers of fabric, but is still capable of working on lighter more delicate fabrics. I would heartily recommend this machine to anyone.

    Location: Harlington

    Posted on 24th of March 2021

  • Review by Annie


    I've started sewing again and I chose the Singer Fashion Mate because I used to use my mums old Singer machine when I was younger and I knew it was a good brand. The machine is itan easy to use and has all the features I need for everyday sewing and making new garments. Thank you Singer.

    Location: Fife

    Posted on 21st of March 2021

  • Review by Queste


    This machine is so simple, i have had it hang on tougher fabrics but it managed to sew a leather coin purse no problem and with most of the bits I have made the machine didn't need me at all, it pretty much does everything except press its own pedal lol

    Location: Hertfordshire

    Posted on 10th of March 2021

  • Review by Jeanette


    Love it, love it!! Super bright light, quiet when sewing and the self threading needle option is just brilliant.

    Location: Essex

    Posted on 27th of February 2021

  • Review by Anne R


    Fabulous machine, perfect for people like me who are inexperienced sewers. My first machine, which I still have is a 1930s refurbished Singer, I then updated to a little known brand and it broke down within 2 yrs, so I came back to Singer; you can't get a better brand.

    Location: Wales

    Posted on 13th of February 2021

  • Review by Becky


    I love this machine! It's so easy to use even for someone with limited experience like me. The machine is easy to carry as it is lightweight, the manual is clear and easy to follow. I'm still trying to work out what all the stitches are for and how to use them, so a stitch guide would have been a nice addition, but you can find stitch guides online without too much trouble, so I don't mind too much. Overall it's a great machine for someone who is still gaining confidence in sewing. I would definitely recommend it.

    Location: Hartlepool

    Posted on 8th of February 2021

  • Review by Susie TD


    I did a lot of research before choosing this sewing machine and I’m delighted with my choice. I was looking for a top loading bobbin and a robust, straightforward reliable machine. So far all’s great! 5 stars for Singer customer service too. Amazingly quick delivery, great price (and thank you for removing the vat to Jersey without been asked).

    Location: Jersey

    Posted on 4th of February 2021

  • Review by Carol E


    Bought this to replace my old 50+ year old Singer which I sadly had to leave behind in Canada. There are a few modern updates that I'm excited to use but it seems the same as the sturdy, smooth running machine that I left behind. I didn't abandon my old machine, just as a friend had passed it on to me, I passed it on to a friend. Expecting years of reliable service from my new trusty Singer.

    Location: South Lanarkshire

    Posted on 3rd of February 2021

  • Review by Eve B


    Great machine used in my bag making work. Zips through all Manner of heavy layers with ease. Small but sturdy and a real work horse. Bought an extension table separately. Highly recommended for no frills tough jobs.

    Location: Blackpool

    Posted on 28th of January 2021

  • Review by Anne H


    So pleased with my new 5523 machine it does everything that my old inherited Singer machine didn’t. The manual is easy to follow most impressed with the automatic needle threader, I’ve tried a few of the options- blind hemming, sewing on a button, making a button hole, zigzag stitching and more than happy with my purchase.

    Location: West Midlands

    Posted on 26th of January 2021

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