Sewing Machine Reviews

Whats the best sewing machine to buy..? Which Singer sewing machine is the most reliable and best value..?

Most sewing machine reviews and buyers guides focus on number of stitches, which automatic patterns it has etc. But the most important decision when buying a sewing machine is will what brand to buy ?

This decision alone determines the quality of the sewing machine you will get, how long it is likely to last, its reliability and how easy it will be to buy parts and to get it repaired in the future. We all know of Singer's worldwide reputation for sewing machines that last, just look at all the old black and gold heavyweight machines of the past. Many of these 50, 60 and 70 year old Singer sewing machines we are still get parts for. remarkable..!

Now that you have selected a world leading sewing machine manufacturer, Singer. Only then should you start to investigate specific features. Use these consumer reviews, ratings to help make this most important decision. Find advice from real customer who have used our sewing machines, overlockers and steam presses and have left their comments, which in turn will help you choose the best model for your needs.

Later when you are ready, maybe call back and add your own feedback to help others in their future decision in choosing a sewing machine. Reviews and ratings can be added at the product details page after clicking the review tab. You may also be interested in steam press reviews or what our customers say about the service we provide.

Singer Sewing Machine Reviews
  • Review by Susan Courtenay


    Very pleased with my machine i am going to get a lot of pleasure useing it. it is very quiet and smooth.

    Location: Trowbridge

    Posted on 19th of September 2019

  • Review by Eve


    What a great sewing machine! Sews smoothly and quietly, and is a pleasure to use. The drop-in bobbin is wonderful, especially for someone like me with arthritic fingers. I highly recommend it.

    Location: Norfolk

    Posted on 1st of July 2019

  • Review by teresa


    lovely machine very smooth and easy to set up i really like the auto needle threader(after watching a demo on youtube).i am very pleased with the machine and would recommend. The delivery service was very good and the price was very good too very good communication kept me up to date with delivery time. very happy alround

    Location: cumbria

    Posted on 19th of June 2019

  • Review by Pauline Holbrook


    Really enjoying using the Singer Modern Quilter 8500Q. The extra space to the right of the needle and the extra large table are great for my quilting. I also like the automatic cutting function and the knee operated presser foot lifter, very convenient when both hands are on the fabric. The reason I only gave 4 stars is that it is very fiddly trying to remove the screw and replace it when attaching the walking foot and there is nothing to hold the large 'table in position so it slides away from the machine with the weight of the quilt. I expect this will not be a problem with something smaller or lighter weight.

    Location: Durham

    Posted on 19th of June 2019

  • Review by Me Dryer


    Am delighted with my new Singer machine. Easy to use and the Instruction manual is easy to follow. One comment, if you are new to using sewing machines you would not know where to look for the feed dog drop switch !!! nothing in the manual to tell you how to romove accessory box !! But all in all a great machine

    Location: Mid Wales

    Posted on 19th of June 2019

  • Review by Pauline Holbrook


    I bought this machine out of desperation, trying to quilt a large single bed quilt on a standard machine. The price is excellent and while it is still awkward rotating such a bulk of fabric, it is now possible. I really like the top loading bobbin, the automatic thread cutter and being able to adjust the sewing speed although you do have to be careful not to knock the slide speed adjuster as it moves very easily. The reason I only gave 4 stars is because the larger quilting table while excellent on size,does not lock onto the machine and keeps coming away. Possibly this is only a problem with very bulky heavier items. Also it is very fiddly removing the screw to replace the normal presser foot with the walking foot. I'm looking forwards to many adventures exploring the many options available on this machine, once I've finished the quilt.

    Location: Durham

    Posted on 16th of June 2019

  • Review by love2sew


    this machine came so promptly, I can't wait to use it!

    Location: Israel

    Posted on 11th of June 2019

  • Review by Jackie Child


    Over the moon with this machine! Its sturdiness and ease of sewing makes it an absolute joy to use. Brilliant service for delivery which was free and next day! Could not be happier!

    Location: Durham

    Posted on 29th of May 2019

  • Review by Ed


    Great machine and a lot quieter then my previous machine which I have had about 37 years. The process of ordering and delivery was excellent and would recommend this company to everybody.

    Location: West Sussex

    Posted on 13th of May 2019

  • Review by Owd bob


    It was for my wife of course, who's used Singer sewing machines for nearly 70 years. She's only had this one for a week and is very pleased with it,thank you.

    Location: Keswick

    Posted on 7th of May 2019

  • Review by Lynn


    I used my machine for the first time today - it was so easy to use. I took up a pair of jeans - no problem - it went through the material so smoothly. I would highly recommend the 4423.

    Location: Swindon

    Posted on 16th of April 2019

  • Review by Clare


    Yesterday 30/3/19 took delivery of my new Singer confidence 7463. The delivery was on time, within the hour stated in the text and email. The machine it was replacing, was the first thing I brought when I started work, almost 40 years ago. It has served me well, but needed replacing. I am so pleased that I took the plunge. The confidence 7463 is so quiet and runs very smoothly. I too struggled with the automatic needle threader. But with a few tries, I had it sorted. I've been busy and made a new dust cover for it. You get do get a cover with the machine , but its flimsy and won't last long. Just a thought, there is no mention on how to change the bulb, in the manual, should it fail. I am more than pleased with the service and the machine. I know I'll have many hours of happy sewing.

    Location: Stockport

    Posted on 31st of March 2019

  • Review by Mandy Laycock


    I am new to sewing and working with this sewing machine is lovely.

    Location: Kent

    Posted on 27th of March 2019

  • Review by Sue


    My Mum started off with a Singer treadle machine. This is the third Singer in the home. I haven’t used it a lot yet but it sews a neat straight stitch. It has all the features you could want and is light enough to carry with one hand. Only problem I had was inserting the bobbin into the machine but I found a very helpful video on the Singer site. But how to raise the bobbin thread? You have to go from page 10 to page 15. In the manual. A fab. small machine. Very pleased so far.

    Location: South Wales

    Posted on 23rd of March 2019

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