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We carry a large on-line selection of sewing machine parts and accessories to fit all types of sewing machine & overlocker, everything from a leather treadle belt, to an electronic circuit board for popular embroidery machine brands. If we happen not to have in stock a part you require, we can usually obtain it within a few days. If a part is no longer obtainable (due to age of machine) from the manufacturer we have a massive store of reconditioned parts in stock. So if you do not see the parts you require in the next few pages email one of our engineers who have a vast knowledge of all types of sewing machines. Also check our troubleshooting guide. Original Sewing Machines parts and accessories for Singer.
Sewing Machine NeedlesSINGER sewing machine needles are the highest quality in the world and are made to fit all brands of sewing machines. Made to fit all modern and older sewing machines going back 80 years. Needles come in various thickness to suit fabrics of differing density. All the needle codes: 15x1 - 130/705H  -  HAx1 refer to the same needle fitting, which is universal flat one side and round the other. Which is the standard domestic sewing machine needle.

SINGER needles are engineered to a standard that other needle manufactures can only try to copy! Colour coded to help identify size and needle type.
Type and Size  Universal  | Ball Point 70 | 80  | 90  | 100
Needle type by colours Needle sizes by colours


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