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Singer Confidence Range Sewing Machines

We venture int to realm of computerised sewing machines when we look at the Singer Confidence Range of sewing machine. With computers comes fun and these machines are great fun to use holding more stitches than their mechanical cousins especially in decorative stitches and even alphabets, the Confidence sewing machine are the first step toward decorative sewing and quilting.

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  1. Singer 7463 sewing machine

    Singer Confidence 7463 Sewing Machine

    Yes we would recommend the Singer 7463. In fact read what our customers have to say about it.! Find out why it's a best selling computerised sewing machine. Great specification and quality in one package...

    Regular Price: £309.00

    Special Price: £221.00

  2. Singer 7465 sewing machine

    Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine

    Quickly select one of the 50 pre-programmed stitches, touch the control panel and start sewing. It's as simple to use as that. This is a quote from a customers review "The results on my old machine were no where nearly as good. The auto tension and auto stitch lengths are brilliant, as it will save me having to mess around trying to get the perfect result"...

    Regular Price: £369.00

    Special Price: £259.00

  3. Singer 7422 computer sewing machine

    Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine

    Opens the door to electronic sewing at a great price, our Singer 7640 sewing machine is loaded with features, including extension table, electronic stitch formation, automatic stitch settings, decorative and heirloom stitches each with multiple stitch functions....

    Regular Price: £369.00

    Special Price: £319.00

  4. Singer confidence 7470 sewing machine

    Singer Confidence 7470 Sewing Machine

    Most people will tell you that you need a computerised sewing machine. This 7470 is one that will give confidence to a user. Simple tasks are now pre-programmed, so at the touch of a button the machine is set for twin needle sewing....

    Regular Price: £529.00

    Special Price: £329.00

4 Item(s)

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Name| Price| Newest| Set Descending Direction