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Embroidery software advice and which format do I need Embroidery software advice and which format do I need - FAQ

  1. Help me with Singer Futura CE embroidery machine formats

    Maybe Singer have had more embroidery formats than other manufacturers..!

    xxx, psw, csd, che and fhe Singer embroidery formats have their own profile settings that determine how embroidery information will be interpreted when you save design files or send design files to a machine. When you use the correct machine format, the design information displays accurately on the screen and designs are sewn correctly on an embroidery machine.

    Designs, sometimes called patterns, are created by a technique called digitizing. There are particular file extension names that apply to the different brands of machine.

    For example the design called would be for a Singer because Singer uses this file extension xxx. If you are not sure which file extension you can use, see your instruction book or follow the guide below.

    The New Singer Futura range, eg, CE150, CE200, CE250, CE350 uses .FHE embroidery format and also CHE (Compucon) design format - however, don't panic...! the Singer software that comes as standard with many Singer Futura machines, will automatically convert the following embroidery formats, so no need to worry!
    PCS, FHE and CHE, purchase any of the above formats is fine.

    However Singer's most usable format is .XXX

    Singer XL5000 and XL6000 use the format with the file extension .XXX

    Singer's software called ""Singer PSW"" a hardware and digitizing software package will load and save in many different formats but buying .XXX you'll be safe.

    Older machines like the Singer Quantum XL-100, XL-150, XL-1000 use .XXX format

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