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Overlocker Troubleshooting Overlocker Troubleshooting - FAQ

  1. Overlocker stops in the middle of stitching

    Overlocker suddenly stops during sewing.

    Make sure all of your cables are firmly attached and the foot control is connected. Check for thread locks

  2. Irregular stitches on my overlock machine

    Irregular stitches

    Balance thread tension - check with instruction book.
    Check threading - rethread machine.
    Check for tangled or caught thread - Clean out.

  3. Overlock machine stitch problems and snaps thread

    Thread breaks

    Machine incorrectly threaded - thread machine correctly.
    Thread tension too tight - adjust to a lower setting.
    Check for tangled threads - Clean out.
    Insert a new needle - Needle could be bent.
    Only use good quality thread on an overlock machine.

  4. My Overlock machine is missing stitches

    Machine skips stitches .

    Insert a new needle - it may be bent or blunt. Make sure needle is inserted correct way round.
    Wrong needle size - Change needle to correct size for fabric thickness.
    Check threading - Rethread with care.
    Using different sizes or kinds of thread - should be the same size and type.
    Use good quality thread.

  5. Tensions are out on my overlocker.

    Quite often tension issues on overlockers especially new machines are simply down to the machine having been miss-threaded.

    When threading an overlocker always make sure that the threads are passed between the tensions disks, quite a common occurance is when the disks are missed and the thread is passed either side of them, this is especially common on overlockers where the tension disks are located at the very top of the machine.

    Always take your time threading a machine especially if it is new and you are unfamiliar with its function and always refer to the user manual.

  6. My overlocker is not moving the fabric

    Machine does not feed material properly

    Sewing foot pressure too light - Adjust pressure on foot.
    Stitch length set too small - Lengthen stitch length.
    Check condition of cutting knives and replace as required.

  7. My Overlocker keeps breaking needles

    Needle breaks, bends or snaps.

    Needle is bent - Change needle to correct size for fabric thickness.
    Don't pull fabric while sewing - let the machine feed the fabric.
    Needle not correctly inserted - replace needle and tighten clamp screw.
    Use larger needle for thicker fabrics.

  8. My overlocker will not stitch or move at all

    1 Check that the light comes on, if not check the fuse in the plug.

    2 Make sure the power cable is correctly plugged into the machine.

    3 If the machine is plugged into an extension, check the extension or plug the  machine directly into a wall socket.

    4 Some Overlocker's have a built in safety switch on the looper cover; check that the looper cover is correctly closed which will engage the switch.

    5 Manually turn the handwheel to see if the machine moves freely, the machine maybe jammed and require a service or repair.

  9. Fabric jams while using my overlock machine

    Fabric Jams.

    Check for tangled threads - Clean out.
    Is the fabric too thick for the machine to cut - Stitch over with sewing machine to compress layers before overlocking.

  10. No light and no power to my overlocker

    No light and no power

    Push the foot control connection firmly into the machine socket and check wall plug fuse.

    Some machines don't work if the bulb has blown!

    Make sure the looper threading lid is closed fully - Many machines have a safety cut out if the lid is left open.

  11. Irregular cutting while using my overlock machine

    Irregular cutting of the fabric

    Check alignment of knives - reset knife to same height as needle plate.
    Replace one or both knives.

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