We stock a wide range of handy haberdashery. These are the items we use most while sewing. We stock a huge range of threads which are always very popular for both embroidery, dressmaking or quilting. Being a leading UK haberdashery supplier to the public and trade with huge saving & secure online shopping from a company you can trust. We stock all the products for dressmaking and offer an extensive range of craft and sewing accessories including scissors, threads, zips! Why not have a look in our haberdashery section for your sewing needs.

Best value dressmaking dummy with free delivery London to Edinburgh in fact we ship worldwide every day..! When the dress form or mannequin has been assembled and adjusted to specific measurements it becomes a replica of the person for whom the garment is being made for a perfect fit. Dress forms are ideal for dressmakers of all levels, from textile students to the seasoned seamstress.

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  1. Rotary Cutting Tools, Patchwork Rules and Self Healing Mats

    To accurately cut through many layers of fabric you need to use rotary cutter in conjunction with a straight rule and a self healing mat. The result will be a perfect cut and precise or cut out shape, that's why most quilters use these tools.

    We have a selection of tools here to help quilters cut fabric precisely to any shape or size Learn More

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  2. Pins Selection for Dressmaking, Quilting and Tailoring

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    Looking for good quality pins for your next dressmaking project? Choose from a extensive range for every sewing purpose. Even the hard to find glass top pins that you can leave in place whilst ironing! If you have never come across the strange looking twist pins, these are used to temporarily holding loose upholstery in place.

    Other popular pins include the curved safety pin that quilters love, makes piecing easier through the multi layers of a quilt and its internal wadding.

    Don't forget, when you drop your pins and they hit the floor, especially ones with a tiny head which are so difficult to see and pick-up, think about how easy it would be to see them on the floor or table if they had coloured heads. The size of the coloured head also makes for less stress when time comes to pick them up or pull them out of material.


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  3. Polyester Thread for Sewing or Overlocking

    A soft feel thread which is made from Polyester, so is suitable to be used on a sewing machine or overlocker.

    It is 120 polyester thread.

    Mainly used for sewing lightweight fabrics, but because of its soft feel it is often used as bobbin fill on embroidery machines.

    It can also be used on a sewing machine for regular stitching. However, I would suggest using a high quality thread such as Gutermann Sew-all if you find a missed stitch which is often the case on stretch materials.

    A 1000 Meter reel is a large amount of thread, remember a regular size reel holds 100 meters. So this is 10 X the amount of thread found on a regular sewing thread reel. IT IS GREAT VALUE..! And ideal for overlockers where you need to buy 4 reels or more.

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  4. Gutermann Sew-All Sewing Thread - 100% Polyester For Any Fabric Types

    Gutermann have a reputation which spans over 150 years. Their objective is to produce the perfect sewing thread which can be used by hand or on any sewing machine.

    It is 100% polyester and will sew wonderfully weather stitching a seam, or sewing a zip in to a jacket. We have many different colours available including black and white which a sewers work box should never be without!

    Each spool has handy thread wrap at one end to keep thread ends from unraveling while in storage. Guttermann sew all thread is It is strong and durable with no knots. It can be used to sew any type of material.

    Sew-all thread by Gutermann is the best on the market. Perfectly suited for use by hand or for Singer sewing machines. The thread itself is perfectly manufactured to ensure there are no thicker or thinner sections throughout the whole 100m or 110 yard spool. The shimmer on the polyester thread also means that it is perfect for finishing button holes and sewing on buttons as well as decorative display stitches and overlocking and safety seams. With plenty of colours to choose from.

    More thread specifics:
    Suitable to withstand washing temperatures of up to 95 degrees.
    Wont degrade with exposure to Non-Chlorine Bleach.
    Fine to Tumble dry at medium heat.
    Can tolerate high ironing temperatures.
    Also suitable for Dry Clean only garments.

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  5. Scissors For Dressmaking, Sewing, Needlework, Embroidery of Craft Use

    There is nothing worse than needing to cut through layers of fabric, but only to find your scissors are blunt or are not strong enough for the job.

    Here at Singer Machines Ltd we only sell top brands to make cutting materials quicker and less stressful, that is as long as you follow your own chalk lines.!

    New to the market over the last few years have been the soft touch grip scissor handles, these are really comfortable when needing to do lots of cutting out.

    May be not as strong as the solid metal stainless steel scissors, the lighter alloy type materials also used are still very durable and have very sharp edges.

    You will need a good mix of scissors for every task, but remember not to use your good dressmaking scissors for cutting paper, card board, sellotape or wires as the sharpness wont last long.!

    Over the years scissors have developed as needlework and sewing has become popular as a hobby, customer demand new and innovative ways to cut and trim materials.

    My personal favorites are the double curve embroidery scissors, they feel lovely to use and the shape is just right for trimming thread ends.

    For dressmaking i would suggest looking towards the scissors that will allow one to cut material on the table with ease, the scissor handles will be raised. So when the blades are cutting material on the table, your knuckles will not be banging on the table top as you cut. Ones to look for are Fiskars dressmaking, Janome sidebent, or the professional full stainless steel Mundial scissors.

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  6. Madeira Rayon Thread for Machine Embroidery

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    This is a rayon thread which has a lustrous shine, it is used for machine embroidery to sew out designs or to be used on a regular sewing machine to sew decorative stitches.

    It is a 40 wt thread and is perfect for any sewing machine, even the multi-needle embroidery machines.

    200 meters or 220 yards per reel and the reel has double folded end which keeps the thread ends in place and stops thread ends raveling.

    Different types are available: Plain or solid colours. Multi colours consist on three different colours to produce a single thread strand. Variegated are a blend of shades the same colour range. Melange are a tight twist of two opposite, but matching colours, that when sewn out are very effective.

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  7. Singer Sewing Machine Super Oil

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    Can be used on all sewing and knitting machines both domestic and industrial to lubricate moving parts.

    Super fine sewing machine oil comes in a reusable 125ml plastic can with a one-drip spout.

    Used for years by sewing mechanics, this fine Oil will lubricate the moving parts inside the sewing machine, usually making the machine run smoother and quieter, that why its called Super Oil!

    It can also be used on Drills, Cycles, Cars, Go Karts, Motor Cycles, Door Hinges and even Guns.

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  8. Backing or Stabiliser for Fabrics - Iron-on, Wash-away, Spray-on, Tear-away

    When embroidering on to material it is extremely important that you use the correct stabiliser for the type of embroidery you are stitching and also take in to account the type of material you're using.

    It would be a shame to spend time stitching out an embroidery design only to find the stitches have stretched the fabric and the design does not line up. We are often asked which backing would be best to use for a set embroidery. This is a very difficult question to answer. It depends on the fabric, thread and type of embroidery. There are so many variables to give a solid answer. Experience is the key.! Look for the starter set of stabilizers, it includes a book and 10 samples of different stabilizers to practice on, it's great value and well worth testing with your project.

    For the more experienced, we offer a comprehensive selection which I think would satisfy every need where fabric backing for embroidery is required. There is a spray-on basting adhesive or a super melt-a-way stabiliser available too The water soluble stabiliser is a real treat to use if one has not used it before. The stabiliser melts in water and leaves the embroidered lace design in the tub, ready to be removed and dyed off, couldn't be more simple!!.


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  9. Sewing Tutorial DVD's and Books

    You know the old saying, "It's always easier when I've been shown" now is the time to treat yourself to one of these tutorial DVD's.

    A selection of various DVD titles covering most sewing operations. As well as dressmaking, quilting and patchwork, covering beginner to advanced techniques. We have some interesting and detailed information about how to use sewing feet and accessories.

    DVD's and books on your hobby, always make a fantastic gift, I know how much I enjoyed my first sewing related DVD.

    Popular titles are "Soft Furnishings and the step-by-step instructions in the feet and attachments DVD "Fabulous Feet"

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  10. Multi Purpose Sewing Machine Threads 36 pack

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    This pack of 36 full size 100m bobbins of thread are designed for use on a sewing machine for every day sewing jobs Learn More


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