We stock a wide range of handy haberdashery. These are the items we use most while sewing. We stock a huge range of threads which are always very popular for embroidery, dressmaking, or quilting. Being a leading UK haberdashery supplier to the public and trade with huge savings & secure online shopping from a company you can trust. We stock all the products for dressmaking and offer an extensive range of craft and sewing accessories including scissors, threads, and zips! Why not have a look in our haberdashery section for your sewing needs?

Dressmakers Body Forms

Best value dressmaking dummy with free delivery London to Edinburgh in fact we ship worldwide every day..! When the dress form or mannequin has been assembled and adjusted to specific measurements it becomes a replica of the person for whom the garment is being made for a perfect fit. Dress forms are ideal for dressmakers of all levels, from textile students to seasoned seamstresses.
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  1. Rotary Cutting Tools, Patchwork Rules and Self Healing Mats

    To accurately cut through many layers of fabric you need to use rotary cutter in conjunction with a straight rule and a self healing mat. The result will be a perfect cut and precise or cut out shape, that's why most quilters use these tools.

    We have a selection of tools here to help quilters cut fabric precisely to any shape or size Learn More

    Starting at £2.85

  2. Scissors For Dressmaking, Sewing, Needlework, Embroidery or Crafting

    I'm sure you will have scissors in your sewing box that you feel should be sharper! There's nothing worse than trying to cut thread, only to cut it again because it was not a clean cut! or having to try two times to cut a piece of fabric!

    The time is right to treat yourself to some new scissors. Starting at under £2 we have all types from thread snips to dressmakers or pinking shears. Learn More

    Starting at £1.99

  3. Gutermann Sew-All Sewing Thread - 100% Polyester For Any Fabric Types

    A 100M reel of polyester sewing thread that can be used for any type of fabric for stitch perfect results. Choose any number from a selection of the most popular colours. Learn More

    Starting at £1.79

  4. Pins Selection for Dressmaking, Quilting and Tailoring

    90 % of 100
    2  Reviews Customer Score Is 90%
    Pins Selection for Dressmaking, Quilting and Tailoring, we even have upholstery pins and the popular pin wheel with pearl heads Learn More

    Starting at £0.99

  5. Gutermann Recycled Thread

    100M sewing threads made from 100% recycled polyester. Why not start to use this environmentally friendly thread for your next stitching project. You can sew all types of material with it, also on any sewing machine Learn More

    Starting at £1.85

  6. Madeira Rayon Thread for Machine Embroidery

    100 % of 100
    2  Reviews Customer Score Is 100%
    Madeira Rayon Thread is a high gloss finish mainly used for machine embroidery, however, it can be used for decorative stitching on a regular sewing machine Learn More

    Starting at £2.09

  7. Singer Super Oil

    99 % of 100
    111  Reviews Customer Score Is 99%

    Can be used on all sewing and knitting machines both domestic and industrial to lubricate moving parts.

    Super fine sewing machine oil comes in a reusable 125ml plastic can with a one-drip spout.

    Used for years by sewing mechanics, this fine Oil will lubricate the moving parts inside the sewing machine, usually making the machine run smoother and quieter, that why its called Super Oil!

    It can also be used on Drills, Cycles, Cars, Go Karts, Motor Cycles, Door Hinges and even Guns.

    Learn More
  8. Gutermann Sulky Quilting Thread 100% Cotton

    Choose from lovely selection of Gutermann Sulky Cotton 30wt Thread for quilting. It is 100% cotton in mixed / variegated colours for wonderful stitching effects Learn More

    Starting at £3.65

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