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Where can I buy sewing machine parts

Aug 07, 2019 13:38:16 PM Category: Technical Sewing Machine Problem and Repair 730 Views.

We have just uploaded 10% of the most popular parts, feet, gears and accessories etc, to our on-line database. We carry a huge range of sewing accessories for all sewing machines in our warehouse and have a team of engineers that can help find that part that you may have thought was no longer available.

We hear every day that customers are informed by some unscrupulous dealers that a sewing machine part is no longer made for their machine. Hence you must buy a new machine...! utter rubbish!

We have direct connection to manufacturer's parts databases for major brands so we can find the part you need. We can even arrange to have your sewing machine professionally repaired and returned to you. Also we have access to other suppliers who manufacture quality replacement parts.

Some after-market replacement parts are of a far better quality than others! However, you need not worry about such things when you shop with us.

Most parts can be found in our spares database section on this website.