Overlocking Terminology

A few of the words that you will hear are as follows:
Serger - this is the American term for Overlocker. Serging is therefore overlocking.

Loopers - instead of bobbins, an overlocker has loopers. The threads that come from under the needle plate are the lower looper threads and those from the top, the upper looper threads. Each looper has its own tension adjustment dial.

Cutter / Knife - an overlocker has a knife or knives to cut the fabric edge before it is overlocked. These can usually be turned off so that seams can be sewn uncut - useful for patchworking, invisible hemming etc. Some of the latest models have a swing-away cutting knife which makes threading and cleaning easier.

Cops/cones - thread for overlockers usually comes on a tall, conical shaped cone which holds 1000 meters. Overlocking does use much more thread than conventional sewing, however overlocking thread is usually much less expensive!.

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