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  1. Review by ChaddyShopper
    Overall rating

    Bought this as a replacement steam press. This is one item I couldn’t live without for saving time. So east to use on jeans, t-shirts, sweaters etc.
    (Submitted on 1/6/2019)

  2. Review by barbara matthews
    Overall rating

    Perfect - takes the backache out of ironing. We got the stand as well which would highly recommend as its adjustable.
    (Submitted on 11/25/2018)

  3. Review by Mary Brown
    Overall rating

    Great machine saves a lot of time and effort
    (Submitted on 6/6/2018)

  4. Review by Bryan Sears
    Overall rating

    This is a godsend, it has cut the ironing by half and my wife can sit down whilst ironing with no aches or pains. Excellent product.
    (Submitted on 1/5/2017)

  5. Review by Jane Kennedy
    Overall rating

    Brilliant machine. Would recommend to anyone who doesn't like ironing. You will with this. So easy.
    (Submitted on 10/11/2016)

  6. Review by fran
    Overall rating

    as my shoulders do not work very well now, I bought the Steam Press and am finding using it a great help and the results are much much better that a normal iron.I have small hands ,but I still have to be careful not to get a quick burn,so I take care and I love using the Steam Press.Fran
    (Submitted on 8/7/2016)

  7. Review by Lynda Lou
    Overall rating

    This is the second Singer ESP2 steam press that I have owned. It is a great help when you have so many sets of bed linen to press - I own self catering chalets and do all the laundry myself so need to own a press which is very reliable and easy to use and Singer machines are the best!
    (Submitted on 8/3/2016)

  8. Review by Judith Joanno
    Overall rating

    Revolutionary and life changing especially when you have a big family! GOD bless the team that invented the Singer Electronic Steam Press...from hating ironing to absolutely loving it! Would recommend it to all my friends! 5* plus 1!
    (Submitted on 5/18/2016)

  9. Review by Amanda Fellows
    Overall rating

    Very satisfied with the customer service, swift delivery of my press and the press itself. Had my previous press for 10 years and hopefully this one will last as long. It's a reputable make and very easy to use. It has made light work of my ironing so far and I would recommend the press and the company to others. A really good, competitive price.
    (Submitted on 1/20/2016)

  10. Review by Jennifer Macgregor
    Overall rating

    This is my 2nd ESP2 I am very happy with it. Make ironing a joy.
    I have had a more expensive machine in the past but could just not justify spending nearly £1000 again.
    I run a smal. B&B and this does me just fine.
    It has a wide enough opening for a double duvet,my King sized one I need to turn half way round dependent on the material but never the less does a great job.
    Excellent price for a great machine.
    The new storage area for the plug is a bit fiddly not sure of the value of this. I did like the old power surge socket now not available on the new machine.
    I use mine every day. Suitable for a family ironing. Nothing I cannot iron on this machine. Excellent results. This latest model is easy to use. Steam buttons ideally placed and a great benefit when required.
    Yes you can not go wrong with this machine.
    (Submitted on 9/19/2015)

  11. Review by martin leyden
    Overall rating

    very impressed cuts ironing time in half does a great job only one small criticism to small a water tank maybe, your sincerly m leyden
    (Submitted on 8/21/2015)

  12. Review by AS
    Overall rating

    Great value for a great product
    (Submitted on 2/2/2015)

  13. Review by Stewart
    Overall rating

    This machine is excellent and can whiz through the ironing, shirts are a doddle and it is best to iron sheets/ pillow cases by pushing the fabric to the back of the thoat and pulling the material towards you and pressing as you come forward. However like all machines there are some safety issues to be aware of. Anyone who has impaired co-ordination or vision should not use this as the burns stained will be serious and it is a must they sit down to be able to see under the top press part. It therefore must be at the correct height and the adjustable stand is ideal as the height can be adjusted.
    One final suggestion use only soft water to prevent scale and blockages.
    (Submitted on 10/22/2013)

  14. Review by morse
    Overall rating

    I bought this press after seeing a demonstration at our County Show. Knowing that it was on the way, we did no ironing for days so that when it arrived there was quite a basketful to tackle. My wife and I whizzed through a wide variety of items in no time. We wish we had bought one years ago! Excellent!
    (Submitted on 6/4/2013)

  15. Review by Julia
    Overall rating

    I bought the Singer ESP2 Dry/Steam Press last week, only wish I had done it years ago. Pressing is a breeze and dare I say a joy. I am getting better at shirts now as they require a different mind set to conventional ironing but better with each try. Great machine, would recommend to all busy working Mums or anyone who has better things to do with their lives.
    (Submitted on 5/14/2013)

  16. Review by esther
    Overall rating

    Ordered on Sunday afternoon delivered on Tuesday lunch time excellent service very happy with my new iron especially the addition of steam to help smooth out those stubborn creases which was not available with my old one 9 years ago with the Singer brand name I expect this new one to last a good while too. Thanks all at Singer Sewing Machines for you excellent service.
    (Submitted on 11/26/2012)

  17. Review by lou
    Overall rating

    (Submitted on 10/8/2012)

  18. Review by Igor's Press Agent
    Overall rating

    Very impressed with the speed of delivery. Easy to set up and the directions for use were concise and easy to follow. In use it is simplicity itself - went through the ironing basket in no time once I had learned a little judicious use of the pad for taking out unintended creases. Was it worth the money? Hell, yes!
    (Submitted on 10/3/2012)

  19. Review by Kath
    Overall rating

    Its fantastic, well made, easy to use and at the offer price very good value for money. I ordered it on Friday evening on line and it was delivered Monday morning, the transaction was quick and easy. I have rheumatoid arthritis and ironing used to leave me exhausted and in considerable pain, now I can sit at the table and do all the ironing in comfort and feel fine at the end of the session , I wish I had purchased one years ago.
    (Submitted on 9/28/2012)

  20. Review by heanjo
    Overall rating

    Had another smaller (compact) steam press for 6 years & the handle broke. Did a lot of research before I settled on the Singer & my reasons for buying it was that Singer offer the best guarantee & parts are easily available. Their name is a long-standing trusted one too. This steam press is as large as 10 irons whereas most were only 7 irons (as was my last one). I kept burning my hands on our previous one and the Singer, not only had the larger ironing plate but has the extra space at the back. I almost decided against it because it didn't offer a Teflon Coated ironing plate but on reflection decided it is more of an advantage to have the ironing board cover which is washable and replaceable. I burned the previous one which was Teflon Coated and could not get it clean - iron cleaners didn't do the job. The steam press was delivered very early the morning after I ordered it - WOW! The quality is outstanding all round and I love the rack they supply to put your clothes on. (I use a stand rather than a table to iron on).
    (Submitted on 8/2/2012)

1 Item(s)