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How can a steam press save ironing time..? Which Singer steam press is the best value..?

Quality and reliability are the two most important factors when thinking about buying a Singer Ironing press. Its an important decision..!

The buying process is simple...!

You have used a steam press in the past.
You've heard from a friend how good they are.

I'm sure one of these two factors have brought you to this page..!

We're not going to tell you how remarkable the Singer steam press is, or how its head and shoulders above its rivals... we're going to let our customers tell you.

Later, when you are ready, maybe call back and add your own feedback to help others in their future decision in choosing a steam ironing press. Reviews and ratings can be added at the product details page, after clicking the review tab. You may also be interested in sewing machine reviews or what our customers say about the service we provide.

Ironing Press Review
  • Review by Unkamik39


    An excellent sturdy press stand, promptly delivered, easily assembled , and adjustable for ease of use.

    Location: United Kingdom

    Posted on 13th of September 2017

  • Review by Bryan Sears


    This is a godsend, it has cut the ironing by half and my wife can sit down whilst ironing with no aches or pains. Excellent product.

    Location: London

    Posted on 5th of January 2017

  • Review by Jane Kennedy


    Brilliant machine. Would recommend to anyone who doesn't like ironing. You will with this. So easy.

    Location: Christchurch Dorset.

    Posted on 11th of October 2016

  • Review by fran


    as my shoulders do not work very well now, I bought the Steam Press and am finding using it a great help and the results are much much better that a normal iron.I have small hands ,but I still have to be careful not to get a quick burn,so I take care and I love using the Steam Press.Fran

    Location: kent

    Posted on 7th of August 2016

  • Review by Lynda Lou


    This is the second Singer ESP2 steam press that I have owned. It is a great help when you have so many sets of bed linen to press - I own self catering chalets and do all the laundry myself so need to own a press which is very reliable and easy to use and Singer machines are the best!

    Location: Inverness-shire

    Posted on 3rd of August 2016

  • Review by Judith Joanno


    Revolutionary and life changing especially when you have a big family! GOD bless the team that invented the Singer Electronic Steam Press...from hating ironing to absolutely loving it! Would recommend it to all my friends! 5* plus 1!

    Location: Seychelles

    Posted on 18th of May 2016

  • Review by Amanda Fellows


    Very satisfied with the customer service, swift delivery of my press and the press itself. Had my previous press for 10 years and hopefully this one will last as long. It's a reputable make and very easy to use. It has made light work of my ironing so far and I would recommend the press and the company to others. A really good, competitive price.

    Location: West Midlands

    Posted on 20th of January 2016

  • Review by Jennifer Macgregor


    This is my 2nd ESP2 I am very happy with it. Make ironing a joy. I have had a more expensive machine in the past but could just not justify spending nearly £1000 again. I run a smal. B&B and this does me just fine. It has a wide enough opening for a double duvet,my King sized one I need to turn half way round dependent on the material but never the less does a great job. Excellent price for a great machine. The new storage area for the plug is a bit fiddly not sure of the value of this. I did like the old power surge socket now not available on the new machine. I use mine every day. Suitable for a family ironing. Nothing I cannot iron on this machine. Excellent results. This latest model is easy to use. Steam buttons ideally placed and a great benefit when required. Yes you can not go wrong with this machine.

    Location: Stirling

    Posted on 19th of September 2015

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