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How can a steam press save ironing time..? Which Singer steam press is the best value..?

Quality and reliability are the two most important factors when thinking about buying a Singer Ironing press. Its an important decision..!

The buying process is simple...!

You have used a steam press in the past.
You've heard from a friend how good they are.

I'm sure one of these two factors have brought you to this page..!

We're not going to tell you how remarkable the Singer steam press is, or how its head and shoulders above its rivals... we're going to let our customers tell you.

Later, when you are ready, maybe call back and add your own feedback to help others in their future decision in choosing a steam ironing press. Reviews and ratings can be added at the product details page, after clicking the review tab. You may also be interested in sewing machine reviews or what our customers say about the service we provide.

Ironing Press Review
  • Review by martin leyden


    very impressed cuts ironing time in half does a great job only one small criticism to small a water tank maybe, your sincerly m leyden

    Location: battery lodge guest house

    Posted on 21st of August 2015

  • Review by Grazelda Herbert


    Perfect for my singer esp steam press strong with added bonus of two heights, one arrived was broken but brilliant service from singer was replaced and delivered next day very pleased with my purchase

    Location: Bristol

    Posted on 20th of August 2015

  • Review by Robert Dixon


    Perfect for the esp2 machine, stable and packs away easily. No worries about it falling off the ironing board now.

    Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

    Posted on 7th of August 2015

  • Review by RaymondO




    Posted on 14th of April 2015

  • Review by AS


    Great value for a great product

    Location: London

    Posted on 2nd of February 2015

  • Review by Mandy


    My back was playing up I realized stood ironing was only going to make things worse, I had bought a steam press but hadn't used it for a while, I had also got rid of my dining table and had nowhere to put my steam press on, so I trolled the internet and found this site it was the cheapest by far very quick delivery and perfect for my needs my steam press is a pro steam-990 and fits on this stand perfectly very easy to assemble and easy to get out and set up at different heights. Brilliant device. Thank you

    Location: South Yorkshire

    Posted on 8th of October 2014

  • Review by Stewart


    This machine is excellent and can whiz through the ironing, shirts are a doddle and it is best to iron sheets/ pillow cases by pushing the fabric to the back of the thoat and pulling the material towards you and pressing as you come forward. However like all machines there are some safety issues to be aware of. Anyone who has impaired co-ordination or vision should not use this as the burns stained will be serious and it is a must they sit down to be able to see under the top press part. It therefore must be at the correct height and the adjustable stand is ideal as the height can be adjusted. One final suggestion use only soft water to prevent scale and blockages.

    Location: Suffolk+

    Posted on 22nd of October 2013

  • Review by morse


    We bought our press primarily because my wife has trouble standing for any length of time and sitting whilst ironing is a great boon for her. None of our work surfaces are a suitable height for her to use the press so the stand seemed the logical answer. As with the press, it arrived very quickly and is lightweight and well built. It has been in frequent use since it arrived. With the adjustable height, I stand; she sits. Excellent!

    Location: United Kingdom

    Posted on 20th of June 2013

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