Singer Futura 2.5 Editing Software

This software adds extra tools the the base software. Use the advanced editing tools to stitch by stitch, edit outlines, edit fill direction and types, change stitch fill length. Resize designs, change colours and fill patterns. Please note, this version 2.5 editing software can be used with Singer Futura CE100 and CE200, however the base software must have the required version 2.5 upgrade software installed first.
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This Futura Editing 2.5 Software available for the CE 100 and CE 200. The new Futura version 2.5 editing software has the ability to edit stitch-by-stitch, edit outlines, block shapes, block fills, custom fill types and add textures and lace fills.

This program allows editing of the shape of the design, and the ability to apply a variety of fill and lace patterns to any section of the design. It's a wonderful edition to the orignal Singer Futura's base software capablities.

Futura Editing 2.5 Features:

  • Convert designs for editing - Convert popular home and commercial format designs into a format that can be edited with the advanced editing tool.
  • Advanced editing tool - Edit the shape of a section of a design
  • Edit design stitch by stitch
  • Apply preset or custom fill types to the design.
  • Advanced Fill types - Use preset fill patterns or created custom fill patterns for Freeform, Column, Motif, Elastic Step, Pattern Step and Random Fill types.
  • Additional 5 fonts - Arial Rounded, Block Small, Helvetica 2 Colors, Kids, and Script 1.  Now should have a total of 10 fonts.

This is an addition to the orignal Futura software, and can only be used once you have upgraded to 2.5

Updates for Editing/Futura software will be found here

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Brand Singer
Model 2.5 Editing
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