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This is the addition editing software, with works with the original Futura base software. It adds the ability to edit the shape of design section, edit stitch-by-stitch, apply pre-set or custom fill types to the design. You can rotate lettering or designs, resize and change the stitch fill type and length. Edit outlines. It is manufactured for the CE150, CE250, CE350 and XL400, XL550 Futura models. Please select the correct version for your machine.
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From Singer as an optional addition to the original Futura software, this Futura Editing Software available for the CE 150, CE 250 and CE 350. The Futura version 3 editing software has the ability to edit stitch-by-stitch. edit outlines, block shapes, block fills, custom fill types and add textures and lace fills.

The Newest Version of editing software is now available for the Singer Futura XL400, select Futura Version 4.

This program allows editing of the shape of the design, editing stitch by stitch, and the ability to apply a variety of fill and lace patterns to any section of the design. It's a wonderful edition to the Futura's capabilities.

Recreate new or existing designs and letters in minutes, by changing stitch type, length, and direction. Insert patterns or motif fills into existing designs. Easily add lettering to any of your designs with one of the 5 additional built-in fonts. This advanced Editing software will give you total control so you can make the right choices for each project.

Change stitch type, length and direction
Insert pattern or motif fills into existing designs
Resize any format and stitches will be recalculated for the new size
Copy, Paste, rotate and mirror entire design or segments of the design
Re-sequence stitching order of color segments
Easily add lettering to your designs with one of 5 creative fonts
Open popular home and commercial embroidery formats
Move or change stitch types easily
Change column widths and stitch densities for different fabrics

Updates for Editing/Futura software will be found here

Only suitable for Singer Futura CE100 and CE200 where the customer has upgraded using Futura 2.5 upgrade CD to Futura v3

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