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We carry a large on-line selection of sewing machine parts and accessories to fit all types of sewing machine & overlocker, everything from a leather treadle belt, to an electronic circuit board for popular embroidery machine brands. If we happen not to have in stock a part you require, we can usually obtain it within a few days. If a part is no longer obtainable (due to age of machine) from the manufacturer we have a massive store of reconditioned parts in stock. So if you do not see the parts you require in the next few pages email one of our engineers who have a vast knowledge of all types of sewing machines. Also check our troubleshooting guide. Original Sewing Machines parts and accessories for Singer.
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  1. Universal Stretch-On Sewing Machine Motor Belt

    99% of 100
    67  Reviews Customer score 99%
    Often the orignal motor belt is no longer made for some of the older sewing machines. This is a rubber stretch-on motor belt and often fits most applications where the motor drive pulley does not have teeth. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

  2. Singer Small Rubber Bobbin/Spool Winder Ring

    99% of 100
    60  Reviews Customer score 99%
    This small rubber O ring is made to stretch on to some of the older black and gold sewing machine bobbin winders. This O ring has an I/D 15mm, O/D 27mm. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

  3. Singer Universal Sewing Machine Needles Type 15x1 And 130/705

    You'll only ever need one sewing machine needle ? so make sure it's the correct one. This popular range is the sometimes called a "flat sided needle" or 15x1, 130/705H, HAx1, 2045, 2020 needle type. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

  4. Singer Super Oil

    99% of 100
    101  Reviews Customer score 99%

    Can be used on all sewing and knitting machines both domestic and industrial to lubricate moving parts.

    Super fine sewing machine oil comes in a reusable 125ml plastic can with a one-drip spout.

    Used for years by sewing mechanics, this fine Oil will lubricate the moving parts inside the sewing machine, usually making the machine run smoother and quieter, that why its called Super Oil!

    It can also be used on Drills, Cycles, Cars, Go Karts, Motor Cycles, Door Hinges and even Guns.

    Learn More

  5. Needle Threader

    98% of 100
    20  Reviews Customer score 98%
    This universal Singer needle threader for machine needles can be used on any sewing machine or overlocker to help thread the machine needle. If your machine does not have an automatic needle threader, you really need one on these! Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

    Now Only £4.99 Regular Price £9.99
  6. Leather Treadle Belt With Connecting Link

    98% of 100
    59  Reviews Customer score 98%
    This is the leather belt which is used on the vintage foot operated treadle sewing machines. This quality real leather belt is 3/16" / 5mm O/D which is the equivalent size for the original. It is 72" / 185cm long, but can be cut to size as it also includes the metal connecting link just like the original. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

    Now Only £7.99 Regular Price £9.99 As low as £6.99
  7. Singer Short Shank Straight Stitch Foot (Screw-On)

    87% of 100
    6  Reviews Customer score 87%
    Use while sewing a straight stitch. It will get a better stitch formation when sewing a seam. Screw on for low shank Singer machines. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

  8. Singer Needle Plate 99k

    Replacement Metal Sewing Machine Needle Plate for the Singer 99K Series. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

  9. Metal Slide Plate Singer 66k 99k

    98% of 100
    8  Reviews Customer score 98%
    This is the metal plate which covers the bobbin on the older Singer 99K and 66K sewing machines. Size 53mm x 47mm. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

  10. Singer Universal Foot Control

    96% of 100
    76  Reviews Customer score 96%
    This foot control may not look like the Singer orignal, however, it will do the same job to control the speed of your sewing machine when pressed. It is sold as a DIY fitment and needs to be wired on to your existing lead. Free UK delivery on all orders over £30 Learn More

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