Horn 3-step Sewing Machine Lifter

Is you Horn cabinet sewing machine lifting unit broken? This is the replacement.
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Made by Horn this unit is used in most of their sewing machine cabinets to rise and lower the sewing machine or overlocker.

Sturdy and strong with a steel frame, it is made to lift even the heaviest of machines, old or new.

The ideal use would be to replace a broken lifter in a Horn cabinet you already have, or it can give you the opportunity to build your own sewing machine cabinet and incorporate this 3 step lifter in to it.

Versatile fixing ability with multi-hole brackets.

Easier fitment or removal due to its all in one style.

Smooth and simple to operate lifting operation.

It uses 3 positions -

1. Sleeve arm mode - Brings the sewing machine to a level above the top of the table, so the sleeve-arm can be used.
2. Flat bed mode- Brings the sewing machine level with the top of the sewing table.
3. Storage position - Brings the sewing machine to the most lower position, out of view inside the cabinet.

Solid movement on 8 ball steel roller bearings.

Product Features
Brand Horn Furniture
Model 3 Step Air Lifter
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