Foam Padding That Goes Under The Ironing Cloth On Steam Press

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Singer Steam Press parts - This is the foam padding for most steam presses. It can be cut to size and shape as required. Free UK delivery on all orders over £25
Foam padding for steam press
Suitable for Singer models CSP1, MSP7, ESP2, MP4, SP1900, SP2500, SP5,
  1. Product review by andree west from Sussex on Sunday, July 14, 2019
    Overall rating

    The sleeve cover provided by Singer is far too short to adequately cover the actual sleeve, other sellers sell one that is 5cm longer and I returned my one to Singer

  2. Product review by Gina from Essex on Monday, October 29, 2018
    Overall rating

    Does what it says. Very happy customer

  3. Product review by Shirley Richmond from Lancashire on Tuesday, September 4, 2018
    Overall rating

    Good fit and seems relatively substantial. I would probably have preferred an option to purchase a double pack of these.

  4. Product review by June Trayner from Cornwall on Monday, May 28, 2018
    Overall rating

    Have bought product before, all good, delivery was sooner than expected as well. Would buy product again.

  5. Product review by Sally Davis from Porthcawl on Wednesday, April 11, 2018
    Overall rating

    Fitted exactly as required. No hassle. Quick service. Will order again.

  6. Product review by Joanna Hart from Devon on Friday, September 15, 2017
    Overall rating

    Fits perfectly and does a great job

  7. Product review by LYNDA THOMSON from Inverness-shire on Sunday, August 27, 2017
    Overall rating

    Exactly what I needed to replace the foam padding on my Singer Steam Press. I bought the Steam Press last year 2016 and use it several times a week and so I was impressed that the foam padding actually lasted as long as it did! I ordered a spare for next time too! Well done Singer for such a fast delivery.

  8. Product review by Paul Bould from Cheshire on Friday, April 14, 2017
    Overall rating

    Bought this for a magic press 6 and it fits and works fine

  9. Product review by mooley from Crossmaglen on Saturday, February 18, 2017
    Overall rating

    no problems fits well

  10. Product review by SUSAN JOYCE from SUSSEX on Tuesday, October 25, 2016
    Overall rating

    Very pleased with the service i received. Goods were received the following day. Highly recommended.

  11. Product review by Pauline Povey from Aldershot, Hants on Saturday, July 2, 2016
    Overall rating

    Perfectly good for the job.

  12. Product review by Betsy the Spinner from Devon on Monday, April 25, 2016
    Overall rating

    I must have had the original ironing-board cover and foam for three or four years before they finally wore through, so I wanted to buy the same quality product again. This foam fits my ESP press exactly and sits neatly under the new Teflon cover, also bought at this site. It stays firmly in place, and is really thick and firm, so I can tell it is going to last, though only time will tell if it lasts as long as the original.

  13. Product review by Vade from Sheffield on Monday, February 29, 2016
    Overall rating

    Very speedy service thankyou. Not much to say about the product it is after all just a shaped piece of foam.

  14. Product review by Alicia from N.Devon on Friday, April 20, 2012
    Overall rating

    Very pleased with product and can highly recommend same.
    Absolutely a "must have'

  15. Product review by Rosemary Bowen from Dunstable on Thursday, July 21, 2011
    Overall rating

    Strong foam. Fitted it under the cloth so I would have a smoother surface to press with.

  16. Product review by David Gooding from Preston on Monday, April 25, 2011
    Overall rating

    I used to use general-purpose foam not designed for pressing machines, but this time I bought the "real" thing.

    The general purpose foam I used is cheap but quickly degrades and flattens in the press, then it starts to crease and ruck up under the cover which is a real pain.

    This proper foam however is much better. So far, at least, it has retained its properties, has not flattened and has stayed in place without creasing and rucking under the cover. It is also firmer which gives better results and is quicker - I only have to hold down the press for a second to get beautiful results when pressing shirts.

    My machine is a Singer magic press 6 (which steams from the bottom), which isn't listed here, but the foam works well with it.

    Overall I am glad I bought this foam and am very impressed with it.

  17. Product review by Dave from Preston on Monday, April 25, 2011
    Overall rating

    I used to use general purpose foam but this genuine one is much better. The general purpose foam is a bit too soft, quickly flattens with the heat and pressing, and rucks up under the cover. This one is firmer and (so far) has maintained its thickness, hasn't creased and rucked up and generally behaves better. Also, the firmer nature of the foam gives better ironing results. Overall, I'm glad I bought the genuine foam and am very pleased with it.

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