Bobbin thread breaks all the time

This can happen if:

The bobbin has not been fully inserted in bobbin case - You will need to securely install the bobbin into the bobbin case and make sure it sits flush and doesn't move around

The bobbin has been incorrectly threaded -  If your bobbin has not been threaded correctly it can cause many problems, please make sure you thread bobbin as advised in your sewing machine manual.

The bobbin does not turn smoothly inside the bobbin case - This can be resolved easily, firstly check to see that bobbin has been wound evenly and wind again if necessary. Secondly look to see if the bobbin has bent, if so you will need to replace the bobbin completely

There is lint in bobbin case or shuttle - This one is pretty simple, clear any lint from the bobbin case and put just one drop of oil around the hook

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