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  1. What is a sewing machine presser foot

    Why do you need presser feet?

    There are a variety of feet available for certain tasks, they all combine with the feed dog to control the fabric passing under the needle and to provide the correct stitch length.
    When you alter the stitch length you are altering the length of the push-pull motion on the feed dog.

  2. Why do some feet screw on and others clip-on

    Why do some feet screw on and some clip on?

    Traditionally feet that are screwed onto the machine are lower-priced machines that usually still have screw-on feet. However, over the years a quick and easy snap-on system was developed to make changing feet more user-friendly. Manufacturers thought that changing the foot could be done simply and it would encourage sewers to change the feet for each job - and they were right!.
    Feet that need to be screwed onto the machine use a large thumb screw, although tightening this screw with a screwdriver will ensure that the foot does not become loose with the vibration of the machine during use.

  3. Explain the types of buttonhole that sewing machines can stitch

    Keyhole Buttonholes

    Difference between round top and keyhole buttonholes
    This buttonhole has a bar tack at one end and a round opening at the other edge.

    The keyhole accommodates the shank of the button nicely without pulling on the buttonhole. It is a strong buttonhole suitable for suit jackets and coats in medium to heavy-weight fabrics. The opening for the keyhole can be cut after the buttonhole has been stitched by using a small eyelet punch.

  4. Accessories are missing from new machine

    This can be quite a common issue which customers do contact us about all the time.

    Where are my sewing machine accessories? Dont panic, let me explain where to find them.

    If you can't find the accessories in the box when you recieve a new machine then chances are they are stored somewhere within the machine, the user manual will normally exlplain where the accessories are stored but this is not always the case. Normally the accessories will be located in the removable accessory tray which will have a hinged lid which can be opened to reveal them.

    Some models have two accessory storage areas. Pull off the sleeve arm sewing bed and often the accessories are stored in the pullout box or flap. There may be another storage area at the rear where larger feet are stored. For example the one-step buttonhole foot.

    Feet and extras ofter get stuck in the polystyrene packaging, usally in the unusual shaped polystyrene shaped moulding pockets.

    Some overlockers especially the higher end Babylock models have a small storage compartment within the thread stand which can be quite tricky to find. Always fully check the machine as it is very uncommon for machines to be missing their standard accessories.

  5. Can I use screw-on foot if my machine uses clip-on feet

    Can I use screw-on feet if my sewing machine uses clip-on ones?

    YES! Just unscrew the foot holder (shank) and screw on the new foot in the usual way.

  6. Different foot holder or shank lengths

    What about shank lengths?  

    Most modern machines have a low short shank length - this is approximately 12mm (1/2 inch) from the thumb screw down to the needle plate.

    Some older machines and/or selected new models have a long shank length - this is approximately 18mm (3/4 inch) from the thumb screw down to the needle plate.

    Singer machines use low shank snap-on however low shank screw-on feet will also fit the slant shank type feet.
    Pfaff machines have their own special clip-on feet in a very extensive range.
    Bernina have a particular fitting on their models. These feet will only fit Bernina machines.
    Most other machines like Brother, Elna, Janome, and Singer will fit the low-shank type feet.

    We carry a huge range of sewing machine presser feet for to fit the most popular brands, you can find the correct foot for your machine by using the model number online search tool in our sewing machine parts section.

    Remember that substituting a specialist screw-on foot in place of a clip-on one is often possible.

  7. What is a clip on sewing machine foot

    Clip-on sewing machine feet

    Machines that use clip-on feet always have a foot holder (shank) which is usually screwed onto the machine with the thumb screw.

    There are one or two exceptions to this where large feet, such as rufflers and walking feet, need to use the screw-on system and need to be tightened with a screwdriver. The foot holder has a spring clip, push-on clip, or similar, depending on your make and model of machine.

    Changing the foot is quick and easy by dropping down the presser foot lever onto the foot or by pushing the foot onto the foot holder, sometimes having to use the small lever at the rear of the foot holder.

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