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Sewing Machine Reviews

Whats the best sewing machine to buy..? Which Singer sewing machine is the most reliable and best value..?

Most sewing machine reviews and buyers guides focus on number of stitches, which automatic patterns it has etc. But the most important decision when buying a sewing machine is will what brand to buy ?

This decision alone determines the quality of the sewing machine you will get, how long it is likely to last, its reliability and how easy it will be to buy parts and to get it repaired in the future. We all know of Singer's worldwide reputation for sewing machines that last, just look at all the old black and gold heavyweight machines of the past. Many of these 50, 60 and 70 year old Singer sewing machines we are still get parts for. remarkable..!

Now you have selected a world leading manufacturer, Singer. Only then should you start to investigate specific features. Use these consumer reviews, ratings to help make this most important decision. Find advice from real customer who have used our sewing machines, overlockers and steam presses and have left their comments, which in turn will help you choose the best model for your needs.

Later when you are ready, maybe call back and add your own feedback to help others in their future decision in choosing a sewing machine. Reviews and ratings can be added at the product details page after clicking the review tab. You may also be interested in steam press reviews or what our customers say about the service we provide.

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  1. Review by Kenny R
    Overall rating

    I did a lot of research before purchasing this machine as I am planning some leather trimming work for my car. The machine was very well packaged and very intuative to get going immediately. It sews through leather very easily and gives a professional finish. It's also very well made and will last forever by the looks of it. Singer Machines had this on offer at a great price and delivered in a couple of days. They also threw in some extras to help getting started. If you don't need a vast selection of different stich patterns then this is worth buying over the more expensive 4423 model. I'd recommend this to anyone who want's a heavy duty machine.
    (Submitted on 4/23/2016)

  2. Review by Caroline Anstiss
    Overall rating

    great sewing machine works great for what i need
    (Submitted on 3/31/2016)

  3. Review by Jane Stevenson
    Overall rating

    Great machine, sturdy, reliable, all the stitches I need. Nice friendly, customer service thanks.

    (Submitted on 3/8/2016)

  4. Review by Lorna Taylor-Gibbs
    Overall rating

    Replaced my old singer, that served me well for 26 yrs. it's a lovely no nonsense machine, Quiet motor, a sturdy straight forward machine, and has already coped well with repairs to denim and fleece fabric..... The dust cover is very flimsy compared to my previous, so have invested in a more heavy duty bag. I'm very pleased so far!
    (Submitted on 3/2/2016)

  5. Review by Gerald Ingram
    Overall rating

    I bought this Singer 7470 Sewing Machine for my wife, she had a Bernina Sewing Machine for 50 years, which gave up. She is so happy with the machine, it does everything she will ever need to use in the future, saying it is so easy to use and the instruction manual is easy to understand. I don't think I will see her much in the next few months, because she will be so busy using this machine. The service and communication from Singer Machines was faultless, thank you.
    (Submitted on 2/24/2016)

  6. Review by Alison
    Overall rating

    This is a great all round foundation machine. In essence it works. Took a little time to get used to the threader but that's quite simple now I've got the hang of it. The 'plastic' feel is disappointing, and doesn't have that indestructible feel my old Elna had, but overall this is great value for money, and I'm really pleased with it.
    (Submitted on 2/22/2016)

  7. Review by Gloria Powell
    Overall rating

    I have not explored the full potential of this machine yet but what l have sewn on it so far leads me to believe l have made a good purchase. Delivery was spot on as having placed order before lunch time it was delivered within 24 hrs and was free....1st class all round.
    (Submitted on 2/16/2016)

  8. Review by Lou
    Overall rating

    I got this as an Christmas present and I love it! I have used it for many different things making pillow cases, quilt covers, bags and my next project is a quilt! The machine is great really quick and I find its quite quiet too! I Would highly recommend this product
    (Submitted on 2/8/2016)

  9. Review by Sheila Mead
    Overall rating

    The capabilities claimed by the manufacturer are clearly attained. It is robust, reliable and easy to set up and use. Ideal for heavy duty sewing.
    (Submitted on 1/25/2016)

  10. Review by STEVEN
    Overall rating

    Excellent machine!
    Light but sturdy
    Easy to setup and use
    Useful accessories
    Fantastic service from Singer Sewing Machines!

    (Submitted on 1/12/2016)

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